We make the production of a cork sustainable, respecting the environment and our raw material.
Sustainable innovation
The goal of our company is to make the production of a cork sustainable, preserving the planet's resources, respecting the environment and reducing pollutant emissions.
In addition to the photovoltaic technology installed in July 2014, our production processes have evolved significantly over the years.
Real energy saving
Despite the innovative treatments that have been introduced to replace the previous ones, we have managed to reduce the use of various products, such as water and chemicals, to the advantage of the quality of our corks, obtaining a higher and more performing standard.
The use of the energy purchased was reduced by 53%, equal to 43.57 tons of CO2 not released into the environment.
All diesel-fueled systems have been converted with a cold working process, and consequently diesel has been eliminated.
The water required for production has been significantly reduced, saving 2,000 m3 compared to previous years, equal to 2,000,000 liters.
“La tradizione non consiste nel custodire le ceneri ma nel mantenere viva una fiamma.”
A sustainable cork
A fundamental point, also for the performance of the cork, is certainly the elimination of 80% of the use of chemical products, which allows us to produce a neutral and zero impact cork.
Furthermore, the cork stopper itself is a natural product and therefore non-polluting. This means that once the cork cycle is finished, it is destined for organic waste and consequently its impact on the environment is almost zero.
Who we are
La nostra politica aziendale è ispirata alla massima trasparenza e all’eccellenza nella qualità.
It is a story that began decades ago, giving us the basis to project our know-how into the future
The method
We have a thorough system that contains all the properties of the product without neglecting any production step.
Cork and wine
Making wine is one of the noblest jobs, which is why we believe it should be honored with the best material that nature gives us.