Quality and certifications

We are constantly looking for quality and transparency, thus raising the status of our company.
For each lot delivered we issue a Guarantee and Quality Certificate which guarantees determined and precise quality standards.
We also cyclically perform global migration and N.I.A.S. and annually we receive inspections for the FSSC 22000 vers. 5.1.
Guarantee and quality certification
We are an FSSC 22000 vers. 5.1 certified company applied on a voluntary basis for the certification of food safety management systems, which makes it possible to identify the risks to which people are exposed and manage them effectively, guaranteeing safety and hygiene “from field to table”, based on fundamental elements recognized internationally by all operators in the sector, including manufacturers of packaging or materials and objects intended to come into contact with food. We also keep the manual for the food safety management system.
Pre-Coating quality
Our company, thanks to the PRE-COATING process, guarantees a total absence of absorption and seeping and leaking, if the bottling protocols are respected. This innovative technology of ours increases the mechanical performance of the cork and allows the bottles to be immediately laid flat, with the advantage of reducing logistic costs and company times.
It is therefore important to be wary of those who recommend stalling before carrying out this type of operation, as they have outdated technologies.
Our company issues a Certificate of Guarantee and Quality upon receipt of the goods which authenticates the production processes.