We exclusively produce and process high quality corks for the wine sector. The continuous innovation of our processes ensures winning solutions to be offered to customers and partners, guaranteeing high performance.
The origins
It was 1967 when Sugherificio di Bussolengo was founded by Giovanni Mele. Since 1991 the company has been managed by his sons Andrea and Mauro, who have innovated and elevated the positioning of their products, thus expanding the family business. Today, after many years of established activity in the cork industry, our brand can be considered the ideal partner for wineries for reliability and competence.
"Tradition does not consist in guarding the ashes but in keeping a flame alive."
Who we are
Our company policy is inspired by maximum transparency and excellence in quality.
A concrete commitment to the environment does not start only from the product but from the entire production chain, from the raw material to the industrial site.
The method
We have a thorough system that contains all the properties of the product without neglecting any production step.
Cork and wine
Making wine is one of the noblest jobs, which is why we believe it should be honored with the best material that nature gives us.